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Current Loan Amount: $
Months Payment per Month * Option
3 1709.91
6 871.41
9 592.05
12 452.47
18 313.10
24 243.62
  • Minimum Requirements *
  • Credit score of at least 660
  • 15% matching contribution
  • 6 months incorporated
  • Ontario resident
Based off a 15% interest rate

What We're Offering

Easy Application Process

No financial jargon. Apply in as little as 4 minutes

Personal Guarantee

Only a personal guarantee is needed! You can chose to add collateral or a cosigner to lower your interest rate


We have partnered with business incubators across Ontario to help your business


Rates between 8.00% to 23.59% & terms from 3-60 months. Borrow between $500 - $10,000

Interest only Pay Period

Enjoy interest only payment periods to preserve your cash flow


No more scary contracts or confusing terminology. No surprise fees or early payback penalty

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How Our Process Works

Here's how easy it is


Completing our short online application takes under 5 minutes! All you have to do is enter the amount you need, as well as the payment plan you would like to abide by.


Our team looks over your application and determines if it is eligible to recieve funding. This process takes less than 2 days, and after it is complete you can expect to recieve your funding!


Get funded for up to $10,000 within 48 hours and start growing your business!

Why People Choose Us

Machine Learning

We leverage smart technology to ensure that your business gets a competitive rate.

Access to resources

We provide online resources to help you map out your business. From organizing ideas on paper to planning your business’s future

Customer Centered

We recognize that you are the backbone for Canada’s economy, so we ensure that you get the best support and that your voice gets heard.